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Paul Warren from Cloud to Print - Keyline

Paul Warren

I have a passion for communication and helping people to evolve their brands, marketing and ways that they communicate. And I have a real love for the printing industry as a great way to engage.

Wayne Beckett from Cloud to Print - Keyline

Wayne Beckett

I am a target driven and focused sales and marketing professional with over 30 years experience in the event, print and publishing sectors.

Chris Watson from Cloud to Print - Keyline

Chris Watson

I delight in providing printing companies and print management companies with the software they actually need to get the job done.

Our trusted partners


Design, develop and market effective websites based on bespoke requirements and target audiences.
Multichannel Machine

Automate customers’ experiences efficiently. And effectively. The fast track to measurable marketing success.
Crispy Mountain

Develop software that builds scalable business models to power growth for modern printers.

Help printers and facilities managers deliver online services & achieve operational efficiencies.

Business management consultancy helping today's busy PSP owners succeed smoothly and profitably.


Paul Warren, Wayne Beckett and Chris Watson are the experts, backed by a set of smart partners.

Agile transformation

Rapid diagnosis, consultancy and road-mapping will drive your business value.


We implement, enable & support and stay with you all the way.

Fix a date, dive in, see for your self and understand why Keyline is revolutionary.

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