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Meet the MIS for tomorrow's printers

Keyline is a new software platform for modern printers. End-to-end efficiency, with clever interfaces and open architecture.

The days of one-way information flow in print production are over.

Keyline’s clear and simple user interface ensures that all your people are always singing from the same data sheet. Manual scheduling is no longer necessary.
No more rekeying… read on to understand why we are shaking the industry up.

Software that really works for its money

Active not passive

The right production path for everyjob with performance monitoring and machine learning. End-to-end efficiency with clever interfaces and open architecture.

Job route cost comparisons: Offset vs. Digital, paper stock
Extensive reporting: live process & contribution margins
Automatic ganging and warehousing & storage management

All new. When was the last time you heard that, and it was actually true?

Cloud not versioned

We do it all for you with with simple monthly or annual costs defined by the number licenses you actually use.

Live production information for all jobs is available digitally to employees during execution.
Information also flows back: operating data, transit times and materials consumption.
99% uptime guaranteed: constant performance, security and backup monitoring.
Automated customer quotation management (Delivery/Open/ Read tracking), job management (Won/Lost tracking) and integrated courier tracking.
Full job dependency visibility: a clear picture of what products are currently in which state to discover bottlenecks and problems early.
Manual job scheduling is history: Keyline automatically re-plans every 10min, based on any state changes like materials receipts, production delays, or other factors.
Live calculation with real data and human editable calculation functions.
Digital Job Bag: delivery notes, packing lists, stickers, packs and shipping labels directly from iPad.
Automatic state based order management: job or threshold based.
Billing and accounting automation and materials flow analysis.
Keyline is based on a powerful that is freely accessible to everyone: all data can be read and written, given access authorisation.
Interface to webshops, Web2Print, ERP, Enfocus Switch and much more.

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