6 Tips For Improving Web2Print Customer Experience

The importance of customer experience now goes way beyond just a friendly smile from a shop cashier. There’s now thousands of eCommerce brands who need to switch up their digital customer experience strategy by turning to tech-driven tools and pleasing their customers online with a smiley emoji instead.
Providing exceptional customer service online is especially important for print eCommerce brands companies like web2print services too. They require going the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction and ensure their customers stay loyal to a constantly modernising industry already facing drastic shifts.
Thankfully, print companies do face a brighter future if they play their cards right. Focussing on having an effective and engaging online presence is the key that opens the door to new commercial print opportunities. In addition, they should develop a strategy that prioritises customer experience, places values on how the customer thinks, feels, and acts as both a consumer and a human.
So whether you’re a web2print service already thriving amongst the changes or you’re looking to remodel your existing print commerce brand, these seven tips for web2print services will help you understand what’s most important in keeping your customers happy.

1. Be on hand and use new social tools
The way companies speak to their customers is shifting towards a more personalised service. So, evolve with the changes and start connecting on a more human level through instant messages. Be social, friendly, and communicate with your customers in every digital way that feels fit for your brand.
There are various new communication tools you could be using, including live chatbots that allow you to speak with your customer DURING the buying process directly. Then there’s virtual assistants like mmuze on Facebook messenger, which chats with your customer around the clock for you.
It’s estimated that 70% of customer interactions will be through new emerging technologies by 2022, so stay ahead of the tech game and find the most efficient way your customers like to stay in touch with you.

2. Be direct and provide clear information
The more your customers know about your service before they press the purchase button, the better chances you’ll have at 100% customer satisfaction. Manage expectations before committing and always provide thorough and honest information about what they’re investing their money into.
64% of customers have said they’re much more likely to recommend a company if it offers a simple experience. So keep your services straightforward and uncomplicated. Your product descriptions should be clear and coherent for newbies to understand. And it’s always worth investing in a custom-designed site, so the digital customer experience is unique and super user-friendly. Plus, upfront prices show you’re honest with no hidden agendas.
Your website homepage is a new type of front of store greeting, so make a great first impression! Always ensure the information posted on your site pages, product details, and blogs are helpful and foolproof.

3. Be helpful and provide the answers
Adding a FAQ page is pretty much essential for any website these days, especially for an eCommerce business that lacks face-to-face interaction. Over 60% of customers prefer to use self-serve tools like FAQs for their inquiries, so make sure your FAQs page offers explanatory answers to burning questions your customers might have.
Addressing their hesitations will make their experience far more convenient and increase the chances of conversion. Just make sure you answer the right kind of questions in a jargon-free way. This is one place your customers need maximum clarity!
Plus, optimising your FAQs page through long-tail key phrases is another worthwhile idea. 48% of consumers now use voice search for web inquiries, so update your SEO strategy to include user-intent questions like “How does Web2Print work?” If you land the top spot of a Google snippet, you’ve reached a gold mine!

4. Be personable and human
Consumers are more than willing to pay a 16% price premium if the customer service is above par. So never underestimate the power that your brand tone of voice has. Build a genuine brand that values human-to-human connection and offer personalised services that take the time to get to know each and every one of your customers. Even a simple personalised thankyou at the end of a marketing message will go a long way.
Delighting customers with outstanding customer service not only makes a happy customer, but it means they’ll also have something to run home about to their business peers and partners. 50% of Americans would still select word-of-mouth as the most reliable source of information, so take a look at your print eCommerce competitors and position yourself as not just a master of print but a master of fantastic service.

5. Be caring and share your knowledge
Whether you’re experts in print web design development or you provide print software solutions, make sure you know your strengths and offer assistance with your own resources wherever you can. A customer experience is not just based on the end-product; the ongoing customer journey matters too – especially if your interaction is built around personalised advice and offerings on print eCommerce.
The more support you offer, the more invested your customer is in the service. The strongest brands are always the most respected and reliable, offering genuine guidance and aiming to build long-term relationships.
The customers who stick around the longest are also the most loyal, making it a two-way street and considering offering loyalty schemes or deals is great for keeping them coming back for more.

6. Be open and utilise social media
Social media has made it easier for print eCommerce businesses to offer a personalised customer experience. Opening your brand up to various social media platforms will build stronger connections with your target audience and make valuable conversations simpler, easier, and faster. An active, visible, and social brand is an authentic one. Transparency is key for building trust.
Provide your customers with an omnichannel brand experience that’s mobile-friendly in order for them to connect wherever they see fit. Ensure there’s seamless brand continuity across your various touchpoints, from social media pages to an eCommerce site to a mobile app. Break down the walls between them and design your print eCommerce experience around getting to know your customers better.
You can boost customer engagement with your eCommerce strategy by inviting more user-generated content. Spark conversations with people who leave comments and reviews or even repost customer photos of your products on Instagram. Interacting and socialising across multiple social channels will show that customer satisfaction is a big deal to your brand.

Richard Downham Consultant
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